Top 3 Helper APIs for smooth web development

Top 3 Helper APIs for smooth web development


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We all have been there when we want to build new UI feature or component we will not have all the services ready to integrate while developing.

Here are three APIs that use to simplify development work .

Placeholder Images

This is a simple one .If you want to add an image in your component but need a sample image to get the feel right use this simple url from .It creates an image with 150x150 .Try changing it to 1200x500 .
<img src=''/>
<img src=''/>


Usually in early stage of UI development you may not have a complete backend You may want to use a mock api till you have the actual api .

JSON Placeholder provides basic functionality for simple blog scenarios. user profile generator from randomuser , for advanced or custom use cases you may want to use mockend

Real Images

Some times we need multiple images to get the feel of a component like user feed , insta feed or user profile images etc with unsplash api you can exactly do that .

<img src=""/>

let me know what other API you use to help your UI development easy .